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Internal Medicine

Managing a chronic condition, such as diabetes or osteoarthritis, requires the specialized care and custom treatment plans the providers at MIMA in Marion, Ohio offer. The staff is highly experienced in diagnosing and treating various acute and chronic internal health conditions to alleviate symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Adult Wellness Exams

The best way to protect your health is to discover and identify potentially serious health conditions as early as possible. MIMA is well-equipped to offer adult wellness exams conducted by our skilled physicians. With our routine exams, patients can have a fuller understanding of their overall health and whether or not their body is functioning as they should.


Diabetes is a prevalent condition, with over a hundred million American adults living with prediabetes or diabetes. At MIMA, our staff of physicians has helped countless patients diagnose and treat either prediabetes or diabetes. Our practice offers on-site lab services and blood testing, giving you access to quick and accurate results on your blood sugar levels.

High Cholesterol

Over a hundred million adults in the US has high cholesterol, putting them at increased risk for several dangerous health conditions, including heart disease and high blood pressure. Midwest Internal Medicine has helped countless patients assess and treat their high cholesterol, allowing them to improve their health and manage their condition.

Hospital Care

Get extensive hospital care without going out of your way to find one. We at Midwest Internal Medicine offer thorough diagnostic tests for various diseases. We accommodate health concerns that require more advanced care through in-patient practice at Marion General Hospital.


In the United States, around one in three adults, suffers from hypertension, and most of them are entirely unaware of their condition. At Midwest Internal Medicine, our staff of experienced physicians is equipped to offer complete diagnostic testing for hypertension and treatment options to help you return to and maintain your ideal blood pressure. Prevent any health complications caused by hypertension by preventing and treating them with MIMA today.

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The primary care providers, Doctors, advanced Physician Assistants and Certified Nurse Practitioners

at Midwest Internal Medicine Associates, are pleased to offer you and your family a lifetime of primary healthcare. In addition to providing you with preventive and responsive ongoing primary care, our expert primary care providers offer various more specialized services, including geriatric and men’s & women’s healthcare.